Orion Asset Management

The Name

Orion, often referred to as The Hunter, is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and is visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and most recognizable constellations in the night sky. Its name refers to Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology.

 About Orion Asset Management

Orion Asset Management is a specialty Australian equities manager, founded in 2002. We are a boutique fund manager, with a strong investment culture, that manages money on behalf of both institutional and retail investors.

Orion is 58% owned by staff, and 42% owned by Treasury Group Limited (TRG) a company listed on the ASX.

The Orion investment team has in total over 75 years experience in the Australian Share market, with the majority of the portfolio managers having worked together in excess of 15 years.